Mumbai is a city buzzing with life, brimming with energy and diversity of traditions, religions and culture. The financial capital of India, the economic powerhouse, and home to the head offices of most of the banks and financial services firms of India. Redbrick Offices has workspaces like Kaledonia in Andheri East, a high-quality office building along with locations like TEX Centre, Supreme Business Park, Capital Building in BKC and many more

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One World Center

Lower Parel, Mumbai
Andheri East, Mumbai
BKC, Mumbai
Andheri East, Mumbai
Andheri East, Mumbai
Andheri East, Mumbai
Chandivali, Mumbai
Andheri East, Mumbai

Why Mumbai?

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    Methodical public transportation; be it roads that include multiple expressways, highways, or the heavily networking railways along with the metro lines and the addition of two busy airports
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    Key industries

    From finance, InfoTech, mineral-based industries & petrochemicals, to textile, food & packaging as well as entertainment
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    Vibrant community & cultural life, abundant activities for cinephiles & sports enthusiasts and a proliferating infrastructure suited for economic & social growth